Tayvito Thunder, a highly entertaining lyrical monster created by an array of storybook experiences lived out in his birth place of Baltimore, Maryland spanning all the way to his current long time home in Dallas, TX 

Influenced by the skill of the MC and the art involved in hip-hop, his childhood heroes consisted of more hip-hop acts than superheroes but with the likes of acts ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Tech N9ne you could see where his influence shaped his style into the style that you see today. 

“Surf's Up,” the latest in the extensive catalogue of Tayvito, leaves the listener fastened in and focused from beginning to the end. With production crafted from the sounds of the artist himself, the single is diverse as it as delivering. Get your swimsuits and embrace the wave! Surf's Up. 

After carefully cultivating his musical talent, Tayvon debuted his EP “The Coldest Penguin Ever” in 2013 and took the Dallas Hip-Hop scene by complete surprise. His next ep "Temp drop" was widely revered as one of the best projects released in 2016. He openly welcomes his fans into his world through music with vivid lyrical depictions along with witty wordplay, allowing listeners to associate with every spurt of joy and any obstacle overcome. As a performer, his skills grow exponentially with every house rocked by his heart raging stage presence, strong delivery, and engaging charisma. Success continues to shine through this young artist who’s only at the start of a promising music career.